How to Compliment a Cosplayer (Without Insulting Everyone Else)

The rapid growth of the internet in the past ten years has somewhat destroyed the general public’s ability to praise, commend, and compliment without unintentionally (or in some cases, intentionally) insulting others around them.

I’ve received comments on my Facebook page like this, but I’m rather quick to swing the mighty banhammer in their general direction, especially when their intentions are to be rude and disrespectful. But maybe this is something that really needs to be addressed.

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We’ve all seen those sappy commercials for dating websites like eHarmony or, but do they really cater to everyone’s needs? Ranting about your love for lightsabers, action figures, or Spider-Man could scare off the masses on dating websites. But GeekLurv, is aiming to change that. If you’re still looking for that special someone and have geeky interests, GL may be the ones to help you out…and you won’t even have to hide your 20-sided die.
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Baltimore Comic Con 2013 Recap

I was excited to be an attendant of Baltimore Comic Con for the second year in a row. After experiencing the intimate, but stellar event last year, I promised myself this was a convention I’d continue to go to in the future. This convention caters to the hardcore comic book fan, and gives attendees the chance to meet tons of well-known writers and artists without the exorbitant fees that larger conventions like San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con demand.

The crowd almost doubled since 2012 (or at least it seemed that way), and I was very glad to hear that they’ll be occupying the entirety of the Baltimore Convention Center for three days in 2014. This year, the convention only occupied the eastern building on Saturday and Sunday.

Cosplay is a growing part of BCC, and people of all ages can be seen roaming the Baltimore Convention Center in full costume. Since I’m not only a comic book fan, but a cosplayer and photographer, I decided I’d turn this past weekend into an opportunity to share some of the costumes I came across…

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